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We offer authentic CCell TH2 Refillable Cartridges!  CCell has revolutionized the oil and distillate industry with their patented ceramic core technology that is a night and day difference when comparing these to the older wick-style cartridges.  To fill, remove the white mouthpiece at the top by unscrewing it from the center post.  Take any distillate or oil and slowly fill the cartridge between the glass and the center post.  Once filled, screw the ceramic mouthpiece back onto the center post and enjoy!  This is a refillable cartridge which will allow you to reuse the cartridge multiple times.

CCELL cartridges are engineered to deliver the best flavour, are perfectly leakproof, and the disposable design means zero maintenance.

CCELL cartridges are a must-have for connoisseurs who appreciate and treasure a luxury experience and care-free moments in life.

The TH2 is the leakproof and a luxury experience for the user. Utilizing Glass as the housing material ensures better anticorrosion property and a better flow for your liquids. The screw-in mouthpiece with silicone bottom, secure it from any form of leaking.


    • Capacity: 1 ml
    • Ceramic Coil
    • Screw On Tip
    • 4x 2mm Hole Inlets
    • Stainless Steel body
    • Glass Tank
    • 510 Thread
    • Ceramic Mouth Piece
    • Great performance with high viscosity oils

      Dimensions 1ml × 0.5 × 2.5 in

    One cartridge & mouth piece included