CCELL Vaporizers and Cartridges


CCELL Technology is the most reliable and consistent ceramic heating element in the market. This invention has not only become the industry standard but has revolutionized the vaping industry today. The advanced absorption enables CCELL cartridges to handle the purest and most viscous oils made!
CCELL wanted to stand apart from the competition, so they specially designed their products to replace conventional wick based coils which are known to come with uneven heat distribution, and lower quality heating process and a burnt taste. CCELL has been optimized to absorb and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil more efficiently and effectively for the end-user.

How Does CCELL Achieve Better Results?
CCELL has a variety of components that make their results high-quality, but today, we’ll focus on a couple of them. One of them is their unique patented ceramic formula. They follow a strict and special manufacturing process of high-temperature sintering, which allows it to have myriad nanoscale inlet holes. This is one of many reasons that CCELL excels at absorbing, storing and vaporizing high viscosity extracted oil without any problems.

Another unique aspect of CCELL’s embedded coil was designed with reasonable resistance and equivalent gaps. Mix those two components with the high-performance batteries offered by CCELL and you start to see why they are capable of creating the highest quality experience for its users.
What CCELL products do we Offer? 

CCELL Batteries
CCELL Cartridges 

Silo has hit the mark with its high performance in such a compact design. CCELL SILO is an evolution of CCELL as the battery capacity remains unaffected due to its more ergonomic and symmetric design. CCELL SILO comes with the beloved luxury features that so many have grown to love such as button-free, in-hale activated, magnetic connection compatible with 510 cartridges, discreet breathing indicator, and micro USB charging. This compact CCELL SILO packs a whole lot of quality in such a small design!

2. CCELL PALM Batteries
The perfect combination of aesthetics and quality makes the CCELL PALM all you need. The CCELL PALM has no problem producing over 250 puffs after every full charge. The CCELL PALM is hassle-free with its magnetic connector to attach the cartridge on top.

1. CCELL TH2 Glass Cartridges
The CCELL TH2 Glass Cartridge is the ultimate statement of luxury. The glass housing in the TH2 is used to ensure a higher anti-corrosion property and an increased flowability of oil. Expect zero leaking with the CCELL TH2 Glass Cartridge as a result of the screw in mouthpiece with silicone bottom. With the disposable design, there is a guarantee of zero maintenance needed.
Enjoy complete vaporization in every last drop as you’ll experience the pure flavor and powerful potency.