Pressitin™ Tuna Tins - Self-Seal

These silver tins are ideal for holding everything from gifts to nuts and pills to boxer shorts, but more commonly confectionery. This tin is sealed using bare hands and is then opened from the top using a ring pull mechanism, giving the product a unique novelty value. Other popular uses for the Pressitin™ include marketing campaigns and limited edition products.

These quarter height 100ml tin cans are ideal to serve a surprise for your customers. Just place dry food into the tin, press/hit the self sealing bottom of the tin in place and serve to your guest. Once the ring-pull has been pulled it cannot be reused. However we include a plastic cap for re-sealing the tin with every unit.
Ideal for dry foods - however liquids will seep out of the bottom seal.

We can offer these tins in various pack sizes, which in turn saves you money.